Volunteering -
House Crew Volunteers - 
The first impression our patrons have of the New London Theatre occurs when they walk into the theatre and interact with the ticket sellers, concessions or the ushers; all of these volunteers collectively make up the House Crew.  The Crew is responsible for the lobby area, seating area and restrooms.  Before and after each show, all House Crew members assure the lobby area, seating area and restrooms are clean and reflect the professional environment.
First and foremost, each House Crew member must portray a professional attitude and decorum.  This includes not only a welcoming behavior but also an appropriate dress code (show shirt and jeans..old show shirts can be bought as a discount, or you can purchase a current show shirt).
Ticket Sellers:  Ticket sellers handle the sales of tickets including both reserved tickets and “at the door” sales.  They are responsible for getting the ticket booth ready for handling ticket sales approximately 45 minutes before the start of each show.  During Intermission, ticket sellers shift gears and assist with selling flowers and other trinkets associated with a given show.
Concessioners:  Those in the concessions booth handle selling refreshments for our patrons.  This includes preparing popcorn and soft drinks and also displaying candies and chips for sale.  Prior to the show the concessions area also sells flowers and show trinkets (which are then moved over to the ticket booth for sale during Intermission).  
Ushers: Ushers welcome patrons into the open seating area about 30 minutes before showtime.  These volunteers also collect tickets and distribute programs.  Primarily, the ushers provide assistance to patrons who may need help with seat access especially older or physically-challenged patrons before the show and during Intermission.
Stage Crew Volunteers - 
Stage Crew - Responsible to help move set scenery during shows.
Volunteers must be able to attend dress rehearsals, tech day and shows
Lighting - Responsible for running lights during shows.
Volunteers must be able to attend dress rehearsals and tech day as well as shows. Lighting person may also be asked to run sound.
Sound - Responsible to running sound during shows. Volunteers must be able to attend dress rehearsals, tech day and shows. Sound person may be asked to run lights.
Costumers - Work with director to choose clothing to fit with the directors vision for the show. Several volunteers may  be used per play if needed. The costumers will be responsible to staying within the show budget, as set by the producer and Board of Directors. Volunteer must attend tech day and dress rehearsals to ensure all actors are dressed accordingly. May also have to attend shows to assist actors with costumes and to mend any garments.
Dressers - Work with the costumer(s) once the show starts to assist actors with costumes. This role may also involves cleaning the costumes and or steaming for wrinkles between shows. These volunteers will also be required to attend tech day and dress rehearsals.
More areas coming soon!
If you have items that might be used in our theatre, please email us and we can provide you with a tax receipt for your records.
Other Ways to Help
Pay for the run of a show.
Donations may be made to pay for the run of the show.
Please visit the donation page
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