On Stage: March 13 - 29, 2015
Auditions: January 4th & 5th, 7:30PM-9PM

One of Shaw's finest plays, Pygmalion won acclaim in Gabriel Pascal's 1938 motion picture adaptation and achieved further notice in 1956, adapted into the musical My Fair Lady also later a sucessful film. In this seminal comedy of class distinctions, a fussy British phonetics professor, Henry Higgins wagers that he can transform guttersnipe cockney flower girl, Eliza Doolittle into a lady of breeding, voice and manners in London's Ascot society, with surprising results.

Character Information
Please note, the ages listed are for the characters, not an age requirement for actors.
Professor Henry Higgins (M,40-ish): Higgins is a bachelor who specializes in phonetics and who is an acclaimed authority on the subject of dialects, accents, and phonetics.
Eliza Doolittle (F,18-25): She is an uneducated, uncouth "guttersnipe," the flower girl whom Higgins (for a dare) decides to mold into a duchess. She is probably twenty years younger than Higgins.
Alfred Doolittle (M, 40-50): Eliza's father; he is a dustman with a sonorous voice and a Welsh accent, who proudly believes in his position as a member of the "undeserving poor."
Colonel Pickering (M,50-60): A distinguished retired officer and the author of Spoken Sanskrit. He has come to England to meet the famous Professor Henry Higgins. He is courteous and polite to Eliza, and he shares in Higgins' experiments in phonetics in teaching Eliza to speak as a duchess.
Mrs. Higgins (F, 60's): Henry Higgins' mother, who thoroughly loves her son but also thoroughly disapproves of his manners, his language, and his social behavior.
Mrs. Eynsford-Hill (F, ): A lady of the upper-middle class who is in a rather impoverished condition but is still clinging to her gentility.
Clara Eynsford-Hill (F, ): Her daughter; she tries to act the role of the modem, advanced young person.
Freddy Eynsford-Hill (M, ): Her son; he is a pleasant young man who is enchanted by Eliza upon first meeting her.
Mrs. Pearce (F, ): Professor Higgins' housekeeper of long standing. She is the one who first sees the difficulty of what is to happen to Eliza after Higgins and Pickering have finished their experiment with her.
Bystander (M, ): A bystander who takes cover from the rain under the church portico in act one.
Mrs. Higgins' Parlor-Maid (F, ): Mrs. Higgins' maid, who announces various visitors to her house.
Ezra D. Wannafeller (M, ): The wealthy American who leaves money to Mr. Doolittle in his will. 
Production Crew
  • ProducerJohn Berlo
  • Director
  • Stage Manager
  • House Manager
  • Technical Design
  • Professor Henry HigginsSpencer Estes
  • Eliza DoolittleHeather Murray
  • Alfred DoolittleJeff LeCraw
  • Colonel PickeringJeff Haynes
  • Mrs. HigginsSharon Cagle
  • Mrs. Eynsford-HillShannon Alexander
  • Clara Eynsford-HillChandler Smith
  • Freddy Eynsford-HillPaul Franklin
  • Mrs. PearceTasha Jones
  • BystanderJohnathan Cates
  • Mrs. Higgins' Parlor-MaidMerissa Soto
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