On Stage: September 12 - 28, 2014
Conrad Jarrett had an older brother named Buck, and now Buck is gone. What’s left of young Conrad’s family, with his successful, well-intentioned father and his beautiful, organized and remote mother, is in terrible jeopardy, as is Conrad himself. They are all “ordinary people” and each is fighting a hard battle. This play goes to the essence of a young man, his friends and family, their relationships and survival. We consider this full-length play to be an extraordinary opportunity for your cast, as each role has a rich texture and purpose that will challenge and stretch your actors. A critic from The New York Times summed up, “The anxiety, despair and joy that is common to every human experience … if Conrad and his family are ordinary people, why then so are we all.”
Character Information
Please note, the ages listed are for the characters, not an age requirement for actors.
Conrad Jarrett (M, mid-late teens): the son of Beth and Calvin, "Con" or "Connie" to his family and friends. He had always been somewhat overshadowed by his brother. He has passive tendencies while struggling with misplaced guilt.
Calvin Jarrett (M, 35-45): "Cal". His professional success has enabled him to provide a very comfortable life to his wife and sons, but the family's recent travails have caused him to begin to doubt that and wonder who he really is.
Beth Jarrett (F, 35-45): A homemaker who has long kept the Jarrett household neat and well-organized, to the point of obsession. She wants to maintain the “happy family.”
Dr. Tyrone Berger (M/F, 30-50): the psychiatrist who helps Conrad work through his issues.
Jeannine Pratt (F, mid-late teens): a new student at Lake Forest who eventually becomes Conrad's girlfriend. Like him, she has a dark episode in her recent past.
Joe Lazenby (M, mid-late teens): one of Conrad's good friends. He tries to help Conrad with his difficulties.
Kevin Stillman (M, mid-late teens): one of Conrad’s fellow swim team mates. He is often very insensitive and rude.
Karen Aldrich (F, mid-late teens): a former patient at the hospital and friend to Conrad.
Coach Salan (M/F, 35-55): the swimming coach . Supportive of Conrad despite Conrad’s resistance to trust him/her.
Production Crew
  • ProducerJohn Berlo
  • DirectorBarry West
  • Stage Manager
  • House Manager
  • Technical Design
  • Conrad JarrettRobbie Summerour
  • Calvin JarrettBrad Corbin
  • Beth JarrettDawn Berlo
  • Dr. Tyrone BergerLane Teilhaber
  • Jeannine PrattEvangeline Sellers
  • Joe LazenbyDonnie Love
  • Kevin StillmanWilliam Bates
  • Karen AldrichShea Jones
  • Coach SalanPatrick Jones