The Outsiders

Performances: March 28 - April 13, 2014
Fridays & Saturdays @8PM
Sundays @2:30PM

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Thanks to everyone who auditioned.  Congrats to the new cast!  First readthrough is Saturday, February 8th at 4PM.  Please send an email to to accept or decline your role.

This story details a town split between the wealthy Socs and the less fortunate Greasers. The story’s characters Dallas Winston, Ponyboy Curtis, Sodapop, Darry, TwoBit, and Johnny Cade from the Greasers befriend the Socs Cherry Valance and Marcia at a drive-in movie theatre.  The relationships between the two groups cause waves as the Greasers and the Socs continue to fight each other to protect their turf. While living through these socioeconomic conflicts, the young teenagers explore what is important in their lives in this classic “coming of age” journey.
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Production Crew
  • ProducerJohn Berlo
  • DirectorBrian Jones
  • Stage ManagerNikki Heraghty
  • House Manager
  • Technical Design
  • PONYBOYCaleb Godwin
  • JOHNNYGeorge Peters
  • BOBTrey Tucker
  • RANDYRobert Summerour
  • DALLASChase McElroy
  • TWO-BITKarim Vencil
  • DARRYJohn Bates
  • SODAPOPJonathan Berry
  • SANDYAndrea Epps
  • CHERRYKendra Gilbert
  • MARCIAErin Rink
  • MRS. O'BRIANTKatie Bates
  • JERRYJeff Bennett
  • DOCTORSandy Rink
  • PAULDaniel Kelsey
  • Socs & Greasers 
  •  Thomas Huenergardt
  •  Olivia Wright
  •  Andrew Berry
  •  Katelyn Conn
  •  Cameron Conn
For 10 or 12 Men and 5 or 7 Women, Extras Some actors may play more than one role depending upon the auditions.
  • PONYBOYin his early teens, a greaser
  • JOHNNYPonyboy’s friend, in his early teens
  • BOBa Soc
  • RANDYa Soc
  • DALLASearly 20s, a greaser
  • TWO-BITearly 20s, a greaser
  • DARRYPonyboy’s oldest brother, 20 years old
  • SODAPOPPonyboy’s second oldest brother, mid teens
  • SANDYSodapop’s girlfriend
  • CHERRYa Soc
  • MARCIACherry’s friend
  • MRS. O’BRIANTa parent
  • JERRYa parent
  • DOCTORat the hospital
  • NURSEat the hospital
  • PAULearly 20s, a Soc
Extras: GREASERS, SOCS, HOPITAL WORKER, CHILDREN (if available and needed)

A read-through will be scheduled as soon as the cast is announced. We'll talk in detail about the rehearsal schedule then.

Rehearsal schedule will be 3 weeknights per week starting after the Super Bowl and depending on theater availability. Weekend rehearsals will be included in the schedule as opening night approaches.

Tech week starts March 23 and the show runs 3 weekends starting March 28. You must be available for all tech week rehearsals and performances.

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