Steel Magnolias

Performances:                             September 9 - 25, 2011
Fridays & Saturdays @8PM
Sundays @2:30PM
Rights Pending. Show titles are subject to change.
Please check calendar before making reservations.
Producer: Scott Rousseau
Director: Starshine Stanfield
Costume Supervisor:
Set Design:
Props Design:
Stage Manager:
House Manager:
Lighting Design:
Light/Sound Operator:
Wardrobe Assistants:
Publicity/Marketing: John Berlo
Logo/Graphic Design: John Berlo
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The action centers on Truvy's beauty parlour and the women who regularly gather there. The story begins on the morning of Shelby's wedding to Jackson and covers events over the next three years, including Shelby's decision to have a child despite having Type 1 diabetes and the complications that result from the decision. There is also a glimpse of the unlikely friendship between Clairee and Ouiser; Annelle's transformation from a shy, anxious newcomer in town to a good-time girl and then to a revival-tent Christian; and Truvy's relationships with the men in her family. Although the main storyline involves Shelby, her mother and Shelby's medical battles, the underlying group-friendship among all six women is prominent throughout the drama.

Truvy Jones - 40ish. Owner of the beauty shop
Annelle Dupuy-Desoto - 19 Beauty shop assistant
Clairee Belcher - 66ish Widow of former mayor.  Grande dame.
Shelby Eatenton-Latcherie - 25 Prettiest girl in town.
M'Lynn Eatenton - 50ish Shelby's mother. Socially prominent career woman.
Ouiser (pronounced "Weezer") Boudreaux - 66ish Wealth curmudgeon. Acerbic but lovable

Cast List
Truvy   Nancy Powell
Annelle Rachel Wagner
M'Lynn  Beth Mappes
Shelby  Meredith Shockley
Clairee Lisa Gordon
Ouiser  Tami Collup Scheinman

Radio DJ      Mike Twiggs