Performances:                                October 14 - 31, 2011
Fridays & Saturdays @8PM
Sundays @2:30PM
Rights Pending. Show titles are subject to change.
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Cast List
Mrs. Harker
Dr. Seward
Van Helsing
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Everyone is familiar with the dark tale of Dr. Seward, his fiancée, Lucy, and their mysterious neighbor, Count Dracula, but here the events take on intensified effect through the heightened action and simplified staging of this fast-moving new version. Lucy is suffering from a strange malady, much to the concern of her aunt, Mrs. Harker, and her intended, the scholarly Dr. Seward, and matters are hardly helped by the disconcerting presence of Renfield, whose bizarre behavior (he eats flies and birds) is being observed by the doctor for scientific purposes. Sensing that Lucy's illness may also be rooted in some undefined and perhaps unnatural phenomena, Dr. Seward has summoned the renowned metaphysician Dr. Van Helsing (here portrayed as a female character) to join them. Under her astute questioning the very odd facts of Lucy's case begin to emerge, and when their neighbor from Carfax Hall, Count Dracula, pays a call, Van Helsing begins to suspect the horrible truth. Thereafter it is a desperate race to save Lucy, and the others, from Dracula's evil clutches—and, once and for all, to find and destroy the vampire in his secret hiding place.

This show is a melodrama with broad characters. It’s dark and funny at the same time
Renfield – a man who gets nourishment from nature… the cycle of life
Dr. Seward – a serious man with a fiancé who fancies a bite
Mrs. Harker – a nervous mother of a girl losing a lot of blood
Abigail – a maid with a secret
Professor Van Helsing – a woman of panache and loads of character
Lucy – beautiful, alluring, sweet… but watch out! She bites.
Dracula – the dark shadow man of the night. Dashing and dangerous and thirsty!

Cast/Rehearsal Information
29, thursday: 7:30 - 9:30 finish blocking act 1


1, Saturday: 2:30 - 5pm block act 2
2, Sunday: 4 - 8pm - block act 2
3, Monday OFF BOOK Act 1: 7- 10 work act 1
4, tuesday 7-10 work act 1
6, thursday - OFF BOOK ACT 2: 7:30 - 10 work act 2
8, Saturday: 4pm - 8 work act 2
9, Sunday:  work through show 2-9
10, Monday 7pm full run w costumes call at 6PM
11 Tuesday 7pm full run w costumes call at 6pm
12 Wednesday 7pm full run w costumes call at 6pm
13 Thursday: PREVIEW call at 7pm

John Berlo
Scott Rousseau

John Berlo
John Berlo

Nancy Powell
Scott Summers
Barbara Meadows
John Riggles
John Bates
Meredith Shockley
Nikki Heraghty