A Christmas Carol: The Radio Show
Adaptation by Kirk Buis based on the Charles Dickens Classic
Concept Written and Directed by Scott Rousseau
Hilarity ensues when a new theatre company borrows the stage from NLT to produce their world premiere of a new adaptation of “A Christmas Carol”… for the radio. WFAT Diet Radio in Snellville has hired a new theatrical troupe to put together a lively holiday version of the Christmas classic. But things go wrong on so many levels it’s hard to believe they’ll even pull it off. Will they triumph? Be witness to a Christmas miracle (or will it be a Christmas massacre?) right in the heart of Snellville. There’s music, laughter and lots of holiday spirit and fun in this brand new show written especially for New London Theatre.

                        Cast List
Costume Supervisor: 
Set Design: 
Props Design: 
Stage Manager: 
House Manager: 
Lighting Design:
Light/Sound Operator:
Wardrobe Assistants: 
Logo/Graphic Design:
John Berlo
Scott Rousseau

John Berlo
Scott Rousseau
Katie Van Laningham
Eric Arvidson
John Bates
Russ Hamryka
Odessa Brannen
John Daniel King

John Cates

Nikki Heraghty 
Lisa Gordon

Meredith Shockley
Christin Eubanks
Naci Brannen 
Willy Neaime

Alison Cain 
Jeff Eubanks 
Alicia Owens 
Brittany Troup 
Ashley Troup 
Nicholas Eubanks
Clarence Lewis
Halle VandenOever
Emma VandenOever
Cooper VandenOever
Madison VandenOever
Rayann Smith
Sydney Eubanks
Sean Treasure
Sarah Hamryka
Grace Hamryka
Caroline Bowen

Stage Manager
Actor 1 -Scrooge

Actor 2 -Bob Cratchit/Nephew/”Older” Scrooge

Foley 1

Foley 2

Actor 3 -Jacob Marley/Topper/Charity Person 2/
     Business Man 1/Old Joe/ Ghost Of Xmas Present
Actor 4 -Narrator/Announcer/Ghost Of Xmas
     Yet To Come/Husband/Business Man 3/Charles
Actor 5 -Stage Mother/Laundress/Kid Wrangler

Actress 1 -Mrs. Cratchit/ Mrs. Fezziwig / 
     Sister//Undertaker’s Wife/Soloist
Actress 2 -Fan/Belle/Niece/Charwoman/Caroline

Actress 3 -Jillian/Business Man 2/Kid Wrangler

Tiny Tim/Young Scrooge

Snobby Kid/Peter In Radio Show/Father In Kids Show/
    Christmas Day/Turkey Boy
Girl Actor 1-Reindeer “Dancer”

Company Manager, Jack Rogers

Martha, Mother In Kids Show

Belinda/Kid In Bed 1 In Kids Show

Mary/Kid In Bed 2 In Kids Show

Mountain Town Theatre Tots
Cast Information
Email John (john.berlo@newlondontheatre.org) or Scott (scott.rousseau@newlondontheatre.org) for any schedule questions.
Rehearsal Schedule
Nov 19: Saturday 6-10
Nov 20: Sunday 7-10
Nov 21: Monday (off)
Nov 22: Tuesday 7-10
Nov 23-26 Off (Happy Thanksgiving!!!)
Nov 27: Sunday 6-10
Nov 28-30: 7
Dress Rehearsal 7PM Call
Dec 1 Preview Dress rehearsal 7PM call
All Performances -
Friday 7PM call, 8PM show
Saturday 7PM call, 8PM show
Sunday 1:30PM call, 2:30PM show