A Midsummer Nights Western
Read Thru:  January 29th at 10am
Performances: March 11th-20th
Rights Pending
New London Theatre
2485 Main Street East SW
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Producer:  Scott Rousseau
Director:  Sean Anderson
Costume Supervisor:
Set Construction:
Stage Manager:
House Manager:
Lighting Design:
Light/Sound Operator:
Marketing/Program: John Berlo
Publicity: John Berlo
Logo/Graphic Design: John Berlo
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Bill Shakespeare saddles up and rides west for this rough-and-tumble iambic adaptation of A Midsummer Night’s Dream. Rival brothers Douglas and Lester fight for the delicate hand of Henrietta until trickster Coyote’s magic flute makes them sweet on Henrietta’s best friend Helen. Lost in the woods and led astray under the spells, the four young lovers squabble—the love-struck boys fight over Helen, jealous Henrietta boils with anger and hapless Helen is stuck in the middle of it all. In another part of the woods, Pete and his thespian buddies are practicing a new tragic farce to perform at Mayor Duke’s upcoming wedding, but where’s their leading man? Well, Nick’s fallen into the Spider Queen’s web, and she’s stuck on him like stink on a skunk… literally! In the end, all is mended, and the couples sort things out in time to join the mayor and his bride-to-be for a triple wedding, where Pete and the actors put on The Tragedy of Romiette and Julio with roaring results. Young and old folks alike will take a shine to this rugged mix of Shakespeare, cowboy poetry and Native American folklore.

We would like to thank everybody who came out to audition for this show! We are now proud to announce the cast of* A Midsummer Night's Western*. The readthrough is scheduled for January 29th at 10:00AM at Killian Hall (908 Killian Hill Road. Lilburn, GA 30047), which is only about ten minutes from New London Theatre. If you have any questions or concerns regarding the readthrough, you may contact Sean Anderson by phone at 404-312-3832 or by email at seananderson.pctech@gmail.com.

*Forest Creatures*
Nathan Gesualdo - Spider King
Jonathan Wellham - Coyote
Claire Zingleman - Spider Queen
Marissa VanHassel - Squirrel
Samantha Watson - Rabbit
Emily Conlin - Raccoon
Kezia Hanks - Raven
Becca Twiggs - Porcupine
Patrick White - Bear

Eric Arvidson - Theodore
Helen Quinlan - Polly
Jeremy Dodson - Angus
David Allen - Parson
Monique Leaphart - Phyllis
Joseph Johnson - Douglas
John Bates - Lester
Madison King - Henrietta
Hannah Twiggs - Helen

*Acting Troupe*
Lee Jones - Pete
Jonathan Cates - Snug
Mike Twiggs - Nick
Andy Hoeckele - Frank
David Allen - Tom
Katie VanLaningham - Robin