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Ermengarde St. John
Miss Amelia
Miss Minchin
Mr. Barrow
Sara Crewe
Mrs. Carmichael
Ram Dass
Mr. Carrisford
Mr. Carmichael
On Stage: April 10 - 19, 2015

We had so many good auditions that it was so tough to narrow it down.  Congrats to those cast and we look forward to seeing those not cast at future auditions.

Please send an email to to accept your role.

First read through of A little princess will be held on Monday Feb 23rd from 6:15 until 8. Please bring a highlighter, pencil, PARENT and $15 registration money.

The first few minutes will be the Producers speech regarding being in our shows and will require the parents/guardian to attend.

Sara Crewe, heiress to a large fortune, is enrolled at Miss Minchin’s Select Seminary for Young Ladies in Victorian England.  At first her life is happy, but news arrives that her father has died and her fortune is lost.  Sara is forced to become a servant, scrubbing cobblestones and washing cooking kettles.  She must live in a miserable attic room that seems no better than a prison cell.  When a mysterious gentleman from India takes the house next door, some strange and curious things begin to happen.  In time, Sara even discovers that her fortune has been retrieved.  The enchanting story is filled with fascinating characters, both good and bad:  greedy Miss Minchin and her timid sister, Amelia; Becky, the kitchen slavey; snooty and jealous Lavinia; and Ermengarde, who hates to read and can’t spell.  There’s even a Hindu servant named Ram Dass, whose monkey is always up to mischief.  You’ll never forget Sara’s birthday scene, nor the odd tea party she conducts in the cold attic.  This show is filled with comedy, drama and, most of all, charm.  When things turn out splendidly for our clever Sara, it’s no wonder she feels just like a little princess. 

Character Information

Ermengarde St. John: Pupil
Lottie: Pupil
Alice: Pupil
Jessie: Pupil
Lavinia: Pupil
Miss Amelia: Teacher, Miss Minchin's sister
Miss Minchin: school owner and Principal
Becky: Servant
Mr. Barrow: Attorney
Sara Crewe: a little princess
Mrs. Carmichael: a neighbor
Cook: school employee
Ram Dass: servant to Mr. Carrisford
Perkins: housemaid to Mr. Carrisford
Mr. Carrisford: another neighbor
Mr. Carmichael: works for Mr. Carrisford

Joy Tidwell
Emily Burnley
Lauren Johnson
Ella Rittenger
Catherine Gunn
Allana Tyson
Emily Rink
Sophia Geras
Marshall VandenOever
Molly Rittenger
Sierra Penley
Faith Morehead
Marcus Sanders
Madison Mauldin
Emily Gray
Christopher Johnson
Temple Howard
Trinity Walker
Leah Smith
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